A revolution in personalised service: ProSnack is the fastest way to upgrade your beer snackery skills

What is ProSnack?
ProSnack is 1-on-1 coaching for you in the kitchen or at the grill

Sometimes you need just need help from a real person instead of trawling every article on the internet

Are you serious?
I sure am. When I first moved out on my own I had no idea how to really cook. I knew people who could though – and we’d regularly catch up, cook, drink and be merry. Looking back I realize how lucky I was. I learned a lot during those early days and the value of somebody simply being there in the room is awesome. 

Who is ProSnack for?
Beginers. And those who have no one to bounce mistakes off. 

Ok, what kind of things can you help me with?
The ProSnack session is yours to do what you want. You can use it to cover things like:
– why can’t you get your oven to cook wings properly?
– help figuring out your hosting plan
– live cook step-by-step for a full meal
– spend the whole session dedicated to the perfect steak!
– whatever snack/food/cooking/grill related thing you need help with

How does it work?
Everything happens via video call. You only need a laptop or phone, maybe some wifi.

Is this expensive? How much will it cost?
Ha! No, depends on what you want, but probably free.

I reply to all my subscribers enquiries for free. I’m happy to do this as I’m grateful for you having subscribed. I do my best to answer questions or point you in the right direction. 

Only if you want further 1-on-1 coaching would you shake the wallet enough for a few pints. I’ll provide options for you in the email.

What credentials do you bring with you?
Are you serious? Haha this is beer snackery not couples therapy. This is cooking tasty food for your mates (or impressing your the new girlfriend). This is about results. And in this beer snack world results mean flavor. Smiles. Laughs. Memories. And beers.

It all sounds amazing

I’d like a ProSnack session thanks – where do I start?
Great well just simply hit reply to any email I send and ask about ProSnack. Let me know what you want to do – that type of thing. We’ll work it out from there. 

Not subscribed yet – what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the freebie. This will put you on my newsletter. Use the Contact tab up top if this fails.


Katie & Pat
That’s me on the right. The lovely lady I found while drinking my way through Cambodia, and she’s still with me. Sucker.

Hi I’m Pat and I run Beer Snack Almanac as a bit of fun.

It started as a way for my brothers and I to collect our beer snack ideas. It’s frustrating when you want something to eat with your beers but you just can think of anything (or you forgot because you had too many beers).

I’m an Aussie currently in NYC. Nothing gets me more fired up than travelling – and my most favorite thing to do while travelling is to taste all the different beers and all the different snacks.

Hell yes the world is an awesome tasty place!