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Recipe: The Ultimate Neverfail – Scotch Fillet

A little more expensive than your standard cut of beef – but this snack never lets you down, always pleases, is always good. Enjoy!

Recipe: The Ultimate Neverfail - Scotch Fillet
Serves 2
When you are stuck for a snack idea sometimes there is nothing quite as satisfying as some delicious scotch fillet beef steak
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Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
30 min
Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
30 min
  1. Quality scotch fillet beef steak as thick as you can get it (also known as filet mignon or tenderloin) beef steak, 1 steak per person
  2. Oil
  3. Salt & pepper
  1. Take your steaks, pat them dry with a paper towel.
  2. Oil them, salt them, don't be scared.
  3. Put them aside, ideally 35-40 mins. If you want, salt them a day or two before hand.
  4. I don't mind a little bitter burnt black pepper flavor so i'll often pepper at this stage too - if you don't like it save the black pepper until you take them off the grill as the hot temperature will affect the flavor.
  5. Make your BBQ grill or hotplate as hot as you can get it. It may take time - but be patient, and wait.
  6. This particular cut of steak is hard to stuff up. Cook it to your desired doneness. Got a meat thermometer? About 120F / 50C for RARE all the way through to about 160F / 70C for WELL DONE. I like mine medium-rare so I aim for about the 130F / 55C. Remember, once you take the steak off the grill it will continue to raise in temp a little too - so take it off the heat a few degrees before your desired doneness.
  7. REST: Resist the urge to just chomp on in - rest the steak before you cut into it. An easy method is to keep a plate near the grill so it catches a bit of residual heat, and once the steaks are done just place them gently down. Get some foil and loosely cover. If you are worried that the steak will cool too much then loosely drape a tea-towel over the top - but be sure to allow air circulation in there otherwise they will steam themselves. Resting time is up to you - I normally try to rest at least half the cooking time, minimum 5 mins. Therefore, if it took 12 mins to cook, rest for 6.
  8. Slice and dice, plate them up, crack a few more beers and enjoy your luxury beer snack.
  1. This method never lets me down, providing I can get the grill really hot.
  2. If for whatever reason the gear won't get hot, you may need to adjust your cooking time, and also the moisture on the steak before you cook. Just pat dry them with some paper towel if you need to. Also, if using a pan just cook one at a time so that the pan can stay hot.
  3. I try to get the grill hot enough so that I can turn the steaks every 1.5 - 2 mins, and still get some good char.
  4. Experiment - enjoy!
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