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Welcome you fun loving bastard!

While pursuing flavor over the years I’ve bumped into a few like-minded pintsman who understand that it really only takes a few key ingredients to create memories. The holy trinity to “eat, drink and be merry” consists of:

  1. People
  2. Beer (or beverage of choice)
  3. Snacks

Each of these variables alter the balancing act that constitute any get-together.

“The purpose of this site is to find, help and share with other beer snack fans – and with a bit of luck we’ll become better snack students too”

From humble beginnings combining Doritos and chocolate all the way through to today’s beer snack delights – we are all beer snack students for life.

Who is Beer Snack Almanac for?

This blog is for the people.

People who like tasty food and tasty beers.

People who like to cook – or want to learn.

People who know that instant friendships can be forged from random encounters over food and booze.

Anyone who is on the search for flavor.

We’ve been doing this for years already

My brothers and I have been cooking up beer snacks for many years now. This site serves three purposes:

→ 1st   Have a place to store snack recipes for quick reference (because we keep forgetting)

→ 2nd  Share with other beer snack fans just like you (and learn about your snacks)

→ 3rd  Upgrade hosting skills. Never will we be guests at another piss-poor get-together ever again.

Weekly roundup is all you’ll need

The best way to get the most out of Beer Snack Almanac is to simply get on the weekly newsletter. There’s no need to take this snackery too seriously. 

Each week I send out a post roundup so you don’t have to keep checking the site. Anything of interest will be here waiting, only a click away while you’re lying in bed reading on your phone nursing a hangover. Or because you’re insomniac. 

Thanks for stopping by

If you want to get in touch with me I welcome you to please do so via the contact page. Or even easier – as a subscriber you can just hit reply on any email that I send as they reply to my personal email.

Before you leave be sure to join the weekly mailing list (opens in new window). This will keep you on the bleeding edge of Beer Snack Technology. Also, I’ve got a freebie that’s sure to entice :)



Katie & Pat
That’s me on the right. The lovely lady I found while drinking my way through Cambodia, and she’s still with me. Sucker.

PS:  Subscribed yet? Nice… now if you want to know how beer snacks were first invented I’ve taken the liberty of telling the true story here in the first blog post.

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