Australia Day in USA: 28 things you’ll miss about home on Aussie Day

Maybe it’s the discrete lack of lamb. Or sun. Or heat. If you’re an Aussie abroad missing Australia Day 2016 this one’s for you.

While almost 200,000 Aussie workers plan to have a 4 day weekend, bosses nation wide dip into backup funds to purchase lamb.

Well I’m not sure about that lamb part. But if there’s anything more Aussie than chucking a sickie for Australia Day I’m not sure what the hell it is.

Screw you amazing Aussie summer

I’m here ‘Stateside’ with freaking -8 degrees Celsius meanwhile my pintsmen back home have been enjoying one of the hottest summers in recent memory.

But a little bit of snow and bone chilling wind isn’t going to stop me.

Before Snowzilla Jonas overflowed the streets with snow I checked all the bottle shops (side note: here they’re liquor stores, and because of some New York state law they don’t sell beer and spirits in the same store – weird hey?) and I’ve tracked down an Aussie beer – ah Coopers Sparkling Ale – I never thought I’d be so happy to see you. 

Interestingly, being away from home on Australia Day has me for the first time experiencing a little homesickness. And I’ve never felt this before. Should I be concerned? I’m sure it will pass. Like chili.

I wonder if every traveler feels it on whatever day your county of origin chooses to celebrate as a special day – be it a day of freedom, independence, liberation – surely it is universal. 

Just for this one day I feel social constructs fall away. Freed from the burdens of modern life, while still getting to enjoy the benefits.

Just for this one day I feel a strong unity with my countrymen and women that I find it difficult to explain. 

This shouldn’t really matter that much, currently in the land of the free I realize  our two countries share many of the same values, and privileges.

Maybe this feeling of missing home is less about major situational differences that can be rationalized.

Traveling, backpacking, holidaying, living abroad or stuck at an airport – it’s all the same when you “still call Australia home”.

28 things you’ll miss about home on Australia Day

  1. The heat
  2. Aussie beer
  3. Streets full of other last minute shoppers collecting supplies, and everyone is happy, everyone is smiling, not a grump in sight
  4. Bags of ice and eskies
  5. The smell of the barbie 
  6. Triple J kicking off
  7. Spit roast on
  8. Shorts
  9. Running the grill
  10. Having a stern word with yourself at 11:30 to slow down on the beers 
  11. Swimming
  12. Red Rock chips
  13. Sunscreen, lots of sunscreen
  14. Hot concrete
  15. Thongs (I mean the ones you wear on your feet)
  16. The smell of Aussie lamb…mmm more salt and pepper
  17. How’d this shit song make it to Hottest 100
  18. Catching a can and opening it away from yourself because you know your dickhead mate shook it before he threw it
  19. Grass between your toes now, thongs are missing 
  20. Arguments about changing the music because “Triple J sucks” no shut up and go to a Justin Bieber party
  21. How come I’m batting I don’t play cricket, oh crap it’s over the fence six and out 
  22. Timtams
  23. We need to find someone who’s not drinking and convince them to take us to the next party 
  24. Aussie flags
  25. Forget it let’s walk grab the esky 
  26. Sun taking so long to go down
  27. Not being able to believe that song won
  28. Random baby kangaroos

In honor of all Aussies worldwide currently away from the sunburnt country we all still call home – happy Australia Day 2016. 


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