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Everything Begins Here: The True History of the Beer Snack

Fate has brought us here. Let no man (or woman) tear us apart. CONTROVERSIAL: This is the true story of how the ‘Beer Snack’ was created

This is what it looked like
This is what it looked like, ah the memories

It began in Africa

Yes, I’m sure at least one of those distant relatives accidentally stumbled across some fermented yeast, it fell into a pile of empty coconut shells and boom – beer was born.  

What do we do with all this beer? Said one ancient ancestor to another…

“Why – we should drink it my good friend” he said as he lowered his crossbow, moments after launching the deadly, bone tipped bamboo projectile across the Savanna. They agreed; the moment they were done hauling the carcass of this wild boar they would “drink the beer”.

Remember The Lion King I bet you didn't realise Pumba was bacon did you
I bet you didn’t realize all those years ago that Pumba was bacon did you?

They got back to camp and got stuck into the beers; a stern ‘cheers’ turned into deep conversations of life and wonder followed by laughter – next thing they knew they were starving hungry.  

What happened next would change the world forever

The beer had awoken a hunger in them they had not yet known. They were looking at each other in silence with uncertainty and disappointment in their eyes.

But then a thought. Bacon.

Slowly both men’s heads turned to the wild boar – looked back at each other, and grinned.

One raced to get some wood for a fire, and the other started to prepare some wild boar meat.

And this is how the friendship of beer and bacon was born and behold, the very first ever… beer snack!

Cook Day Prep - Beer Snack Almanc
1st Cook Day Prep for Beer Snack Almanac

These are the original pintsmen – the first duo in search of a beer induced snack of which many generations would follow.

This is truth and wisdom that was passed down to us through the generations but has since been lost in the pages of time.

Well look, I have no idea but apparently some 4,000 years ago Egyptians were baking with yeast, and you can bet your last fiver that there were also some ancient pintsmen crafting this beverage.

Fast forward to today

Who doesn’t just love the moment when you glance across the room and see the buffalo wings being marched over in your direction?

Or when the bowl of hot chips & gravy arrives while you’re spending time with your pint and your mate?

Or that friend of yours invites you over for beers and you know that whenever they host the food is always good? Be that guy.

Love Me Loin Time - Beer Snack Almanac
Love Me Loin Time – Beer Snack Almanac

The power is now in your hands

I want you to know that the days of torment – staring at the chip aisle – can be but a distant memory for you, my friend.

Yes, sure – there is a time and a place for mass produced snacks – but when it comes to creating memories, conversations and flavor-town-pleasure you are now more equipped than ever before.

My promise to you is to share all of my favourites, all my beer snack tips, kitchen and grill tricks, holding nothing back. My brothers and I have been doing this for years and it’s time to draw the curtain and invite all able pintsmen to the table.

I’ve got your back

So say goodbye to lame food at your Saturday pre-drinks.  Say hello to “Wow that is freaking delicious!” and “Hey man how did you do that food the other night?”

Get used to watching peoples face light up when you reveal what you’ve been preparing out in the courtyard on the grill. Have confidence when a few extra heads rock up and you want to make sure everyone has a good time.

When your bud rocks up with a sixer and a bag of Doritos you can ask him to flick you a cold one but leave the chips on the bench – you got this.

I am on the search for flavors

I know that as time goes on that some of you will reach out to me. I know that there are snacks I’ve not cooked yet – and I can’t wait to try them.

You love beer AND snacks – and so do I. Lets carry on the search for flavors, with boldness and strength, valour and charm.

Onward and yeastward.


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