Lamb Cutlets: The Lambsicle

Turn your BBQ grill into a flavor dominator: How to cook the best lamb cutlets

Over the years this is the best way that I have found to make lamb cutlets so good that people’s mouths fall off.

To any beer snack fan, the smell of lamb cooking on the BBQ is unmistakable and uplifting. You know you need to have some. You feel all your strength to resist fade. Honestly, take these things to your mate’s Saturday afternoon drinks session and watch sworn enemies wander over and comment on just how good it smells, anything for the chance to be offered one of those lambsicles.

Simple flavor punch: Lamb Cutlets.

The humble Lamb Cutlet is often forgotten when it comes to beer snackery. And this is why I’ve decided to feature it first. Lamb, on a stick, like a popsicle… a lambsicle.

Lambsicle 447

Lamb is an Australian staple for sure. During the weeks leading up to Australia Day sheep have been known to grow wings and fly, they have been seen wearing fake moustaches with glasses, they have even been spotted getting around in fat suits designed to look like a pig. Anything to avoid the butchery, roasting, frying, grilling, flavor delights that they know they will be turned into.

It’s been said many times, by many voices of reason, that it is even un-Australian to not eat lamb on this holiest of holy days.

But no matter what day it is, everyone has that one friend who tries to cook the grill but ends up making the sequel to Backdraft. I can’t stand burnt food. Nope. But once you’re done reading this post you’ll have all you need to create some amazing beer snacks. Easily. Quickly. Deliciously.

How to cook the best lamb cutlets

Step 1: Steal the best lamb if you have to.

No don’t literally walk out without paying. But when you’re in the supermarket standing at the meat section and that guy next to you reaches for the good pack of lamb – that’s your cue to reach out faster.

Getting good lamb is a great start – but don’t stress too much.

Lambsicle 309

What to look for when selecting your Lamb Cutlets

Each lambsicle is basically one or two bites. So that nice big meaty part? Yeah, you want that. Remember you are paying by weight, so don’t be fooled by all that fat.

NOTE: If the lambsicle snack is for two then either make sure you get an even number of cutlets OR prepare to paper-scissors-rock because these things are delightful.

Lambsicle 310

Step 2: Get oil, salt, black pepper & a lemon.

Yes, a lemon. If you forget the lemon, call in for reinforcements. Surely someone has one.

Lambsicle 311

Step 3: Prepare with the wisdom of the ancients.

Too many tong-wielding armatures tear open the meat packaging and just throw the food on. When your mate does this – take a good hard look at him. Is he staggering? Maybe there is a pile of empty cans around him? Is he talking jibberish? If so, this is ok – these are all suitable excuses for such poor form.

However, should the ‘grill master’ not be inebriated, this is a sign that someone needs to politely but sternly suggest he ‘take a break from the grill for a while hey champ?’

Lambsicle 312

Season the lamb, heavily. Lamb loves salt, so get busy. And holy crap does salted lamb love cracked black pepper. Put some oil on first (remember olive oil is delicious on lamb BUT a cranking hot grill will ruin both the olive oil & the pepper – so keep a medium – hot grill. If you’re not sure how to set your grill just ask me in the comments).

Lambsicle 318

Cooking cold meat tells everyone you are an amateur.

Once the lamb has a nice lather of oil, salt and pepper do the right thing by yourself and your guests. Cover with a plate or with some Glad-wrap, keep it out of the sun and let it get to room temp. About 10 mins should do the trick.

Lambsicle 321

Step 4: Prepare for battle and loosen up with a beer.

Those 10 mins can and should be used wisely to;

  • Get the BBQ lit and on the way to the desired temp
  • Get the grill surface clean and ready
  • Get some ice-cold beers, cheers.

Lambsicle 389

Step 5: Cook like a pro and watch the neighbours heads pop over the fence

Keep it simple on the grill – nothing fancy here.

If you keep turning the lamb cutlets a handful of times, and leave each turn for a few mins, the whole process should take about 8-10 mins. 

Lambsicle 400

This should be ample time to source one or two clean plates, a sharp knife, the lemon and some napkins. Slice the lemon into wedges on one of the plates. You will probably be through with that beer too. You may need another.

Step 6: Rest the lamb, I dare you.

Yes, if you rest the lamb it will help keep the lambsicle nice and amazing. But honestly most of the time these little suckers never make it through the resting time. You might as well just admit defeat now.

Literally, I’ve seen people’s mouths watering as they steal one from the grill, and lean over for the first chomp.

Lambsicle 401

You are a professional remember – time to represent

Arrange them on one or two plates, stick side pointing up. Need to make it easy for friends to hold on.

That lemon you so delicately sliced up? Now is the time for it to shine. For it to do what it was created for. Squeeze a couple over the pile of lamb heaven, and hit it up with a few more grinds of black pepper for good measure.

Lambsicle 420

Step 7: Take the plate and run and hide.

Offer the flavours up to the masses. Make a joke or two. Especially if there is a kiwi in the group (lamb = sheep joke yeah?)

Hopefully however, this isn’t your first rodeo and it’s just you and your favorite pintsman. You’ll have all the lamb for yourselves.

Eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy.



Lambsicle 421

PS: Over the years this is the best way that I have found to make lamb cutlets so good that people’s mouths fall off.

PPS: If you have a better way to make lamb cutlets more amazing you’d better tell me about it because I am on the search for flavors – don’t hold out on me!

Lamb Cutlets: The Lambsicle
Lamb so amazing



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