How to make healthy fried chicken

Fried chicken and healthy? Come on, you say. But read on – it is possible to get that delicious crispy chicken your taste buds crave without having to go buy bigger pants.

Today we look at glorious chicken, an oven, and a few bowls of basic ingredients.

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So how is it done? How do we keep the chicken tasty but also get it crispy – with no oil? That’s right. What you see here was made with no oil at all.

It’s pretty straightforward, it’s a bit of fun – and if you stuff it up who cares it will taste like a little mini chicken schnitzel and as if they aren’t awesome!

So grab a beer, throw your apron on and take your pants off – you’re not going to need them.

Bigger is not always better

Now, this can just as easily be made with chicken tenderloins yeah?

You bet. But, I chose to use regular breast because the shop was out of tenders. Lazy me.


Also, sometimes I find tenderloins a little too big and chunky. The idea with these things is to make them kind of like large chips/fries. I actually was calling them Chicken Wedges but my girlfriend looked at me weird so I dropped that name.

Double Season?

Yes, you can double season here at this step. Try experimenting with flavoring the flour AS WELL as the bread crumbs.


Just don’t go too overboard with the salt – which is pretty easy to do. Remember adding salt at the end is child’s play. Use this stage for your chili etc.


Shake & bake hack

Instead of using plates to hold all your flour / breadcrumbs / seasonings, put each into a freezer bag or a zip-lock bag and run the chicken through that way, shake and bake style. Much less messy and so easy. I just didn’t have plastic that day.



Set up your station in the right order

If you are at a mates house watching him do this don’t correct him – just watch him fumble over himself and make a mess. Crack another beer and cheers yourself at how ridiculous he looks and at how simple the fix is.



And yes, your fingers will look like this.


Gimme some space

Don’t cram them close together – you’ll ruin your chances of getting them crispy. Just get another tray, you’ll be glad you did.



While I was making these I realised that this piece of shit oven in our apartment was just not up to standard, and I feared that my chicken was not crisping up. So, I took a leaf out of the ol’ beef jerky play book and opened up the oven for the last 10 mins of cooking. Immediately steam rose up and out of the oven and we started to look a lot better in there.


Salt, assemble and enjoy

Yes – everything in this kitchen is red. You can’t control everything. But you can control the snacks you make and these things were so delicious.


I’m a buffalo fiend so that was my go-to. If you are into buffalo too i’ve got a good one coming up that you’ll like I think (wink wink – get on the mailing list). But for now – learn how to get your crisp on and put down a pint for me.

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Cheers – Pat



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