Snack 2 of 3 from sneaky Sunday funday had no intention of anything other than some beers with @mick_sgro and of course we needed morsels to snack on. Might make a recipe out of this one they are tasty little suckers #searchforflavor #porkspareribs

Perfect Pork Spare Ribs Every Damn Time – 4 Quick Tips

Crunchy, chewy, melt in your mouth ribs that will have your mates asking “How the hell did you do that?”

Forget your slow marinades and fancy slow smokers – sometimes you just need good pork spare ribs – and you need them now!

I’ve been to enough family get togethers and learnt a thing or two. I’ve seen the clown burning his marinade with ribs still not ready. Don’t be that guy. Don’t play the fool any more. It’s ok, you’re safe now.

These 4 tips will have you making pork ribs so tasty you’ll start making up excuses to cook them. Exactly my friend – this makes Pork Spare Ribs a perfect beer snack.

Purchase wisely young padawan

You’re standing there in the market looking at the ribs. Not sure what you’re looking for?

  • chunky chunks of meat
  • no bones (or as little as possible)
  • reasonable amount of rind

Also, you’ll need to pick up some kind of sauce/marinade etc. Something smoky, something BBQ’y… mmmm…

It begins with salt

DO NOT add anything at this point other than salt, especially not any garbage marinade. Shame on you.

Just get the salt, and put it on the pork rind. Yes, just the rind. Lots of it. heaps of it. No need to salt the meat directly though – there will be plenty of over-salt, trust me. Did I just make up a term? Over-salt? Maybe…

Now, salt that rind again. If you can, leave it sit there a while, longer the better. I’d say minimum 15 mins though.

If you’ve time on your hands, line the ribs up on a plate with the rind facing up, all stacked together. Salt the top, rub some salt in, and salt some more. Put the whole plate in the fridge. Leave it as long as you need to.

The art of the crackle

On a med-hot hot plate place the ribs down rind side first. Thats right, get the skin of that magic pork beast hot and seared before you even bother cooking the rest of the rib.

You may need to wiggle things here and there to get contact between the grill and the edge of the rib – but it’s worth it.

Once the rind starts to look like it’s starting to cook, and even crackle – lay those bad boys down. You can flip the pork ribs a few times – they aren’t too precious. But just keep the heat in that rind.

Your aim is to make sure that by the time the meat of the rib is ready – the crackle of the rib is also ready.

Watchin pork ‘crackle’ is the grownup version of watching corn kernels pop

Time your marinade

By this point you’re probably thinking “wtf did I get all this marinade for?” Well, here is your chance to shine and inject flavor into this Beer Snack Saviour.

When you are convinced the ribs are ready, turn the hotplate down to low/med and gently but confidently add the marinade/sauce of your choice.

With skillful use of your BBQ tools keep moving the ribs around as to coat them all evenly and also so that the marinade doesn’t burn.

Keep moving them – and use your scraper to lift the marinade and keep coating the ribs.

Within minutes the sugars in the marinade/sauce will start to get really hot, and will caramelise and then want to burn – your job is to remove them just as this starts to happen, not too soon – not too late.

Arrange them on a plate and let the world see the glory that doth layest before thynest.

Final Note

Maybe I’ll make a recipe of some favorite marinades (hot tip Sweet Baby Rays kick ass) – maybe I don’t need to. This is pretty straightforward, and delicious.

Now go forth… and enjoy! You, my pintsman, delightful beer drinkers, go forth and create crunchy, chewy, melt in your mouth ribs and share them with the world!

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