Time for You to Step Up & Take the Grill by the Horns

Just beginning your kitchen mastery journey?
Been cooking for years but still unsure of the fundamentals?
Lean in friend – let’s dive into the rabbit hole together.

At some point in every mans life it dawns on him that this mystical ‘cooking’ would be a good skill to have. Under ones belt. Under control. In the bag. In the sack. Sack bag. Haha sack bag.

Maybe this is you.

Are you a bachelor struggling to cook? Or maybe you’re the boyfriend who’s good-for-nothing behind the grill?

Perhaps you’ve been hiding behind the 3 things you can cook and you hope that these three will do you for the rest of your natural life.

Don’t bother with pasta, soups, salads, the pizza oven or the slow cooker (although the crock-pot is gods gift to lazy-ass men) – you are not ready for them yet, young Padawon.


The effort/reward ratio is rubbish.

Junk. Trash. Not good.

Yes, and while we are at it let’s cancel out a bunch of other items on your list of fancy must-have skills. Such as boiling an egg. Or boiling water. Or pouring water.

Wicked wings
Wicked wings

Follow me and I’ll show you how to hone your skills and get INSTANT reward for your culinary efforts.

Oh, and the instant reward isn’t even the best part. If you follow me down the beer snack rabbit hole you will;

  • Emerge a confident grill slinger
  • Become a hero among friends
  • Say goodbye to your old ‘ignorant in the kitchen’ life
  • Get to drink beers at the same time
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn taking care of business


Let’s face it, most of the time we need a good reason to cook.

Yes, as time goes on you may realise that ‘hey, I don’t mind this cooking thing…’ But this is not why you originally picked up the BBQ tongs.

I can’t stand the idea of going out to the BBQ and cleaning the grill. But – when there is a pile of seasoned wings awaiting the flames and you are drinking beers with mates – it becomes ohhhh that much easier.

Chicken Tenderlicious
Chicken Tenderlicious

What cooking means to you.

NOW: Fear. Uncertainty. Memories of people upset. The smell of burning. Smoke detector going off. Women crying hysterically. The words “how could you do this to us?”

SOON: Delicious snacks. Perfect bacon. Meaty morsels. Succulent lamb. Hero meals. Smiles. Laughing. The sound of beers being opened. The words “lets do this again!”



When the cries of delight ring out over the crappy sound of your mates’ speaker connected to his phone…

When tears of joy drown out the conversation while everyone pauses and smiles…

When the sun is hot and the beer is cold and the secret few present are experiencing a moment of pure flavor-joy in good company…

It is then my friend, in these moments that you will thank yourself. For trying something new. For investing in yourself. For joining me on the search for flavors.


No more avoiding the grill. Please no more cheap bags of chips and microwave dinners. It’s time to sharpen your skills.

Your pintsmen are depending on you.

Cheers – to learning things the easy way.

Women belong in the kitchen
Time to step up lads.

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