What would you do?

If you found yourself stuck with no BBQ grill – what would you do?

This world is an amazingly busy place. Feels like just yesterday I had the idea to start this blog. What the hell happened to the year?

The last few months I’ve been up to many exciting things. All of which have been time stealers. Anyone who’s ever minimised their life in order to travel will understand. So much to do – and if you do it right – you literally have nothing to show for it. Cool and weird at the same time hey?

I find myself writing notes and setting reminders to myself to keep doing important life things. Reminders for basic stuff – work, gym, pay bills, see movies, laundry, renew passport… buy bacon.

Running From Lazy

Because left to my own basic brain all that really matters is making snacks, eating those snacks with beer, and finding friends to share said beers & snacks with.

Such simple things, yet I seem to get so much satisfaction from them.

Hello Strange Country

I’m in the States at the moment and what is normally for me a freaking hot time of the year (back home in Australia) is proving to be all upside down here in New York. Yeah locals are moaning that it’s not cold enough. Whatever. When it’s measured in the single digits celsius it’s bloody cold.

Why I’m Telling You This

I’m faced with the situation of a small apartment – I do have a tiny outdoor area – but no grill. And it’s too cold to stand around drinking beer while grilling anyway.

However! I do strangely have some time on my hands. So between exploring my new Brooklyn neighborhood and getting lost in the city I’ll be able to throw up a few more recipes and perhaps a thought here and there about beer snack life in New York.

Considering my current lack of BBQ grill I want to really explore oven based beer snacks.

Thus why I’m reaching out to you. I’m in a beer snack parched desert right now.

I never realized how connected I was to my outdoor grill.

So tell me dear reader…

If you had a food/beer blog and found yourself stuck with no BBQ grill/hotplate – what would you do? What would you cook? How would you satisfy your beer snack desire?

Help me beer-snack Kanobi, you’re my only hope.

Cheers kids – Pat

PS: I’ve already had a bunch of ideas emailed to me – thanks to those people – legends. But I thought to put this up on the site to see if we can get some conversation going, and spread the love around ?

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  1. Again – a big thank you to those people who have submitted recipes directly to me via social – you guys are champions.

    Also, such kind words in response to the free eBook – I’m glad people are getting some value and may it keep giving for years to come.

    Appreciative – Pat

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